AQA 63336 sponsored show "We Need Answers" up for innovation award

23 January 2008

"We Need Answers" was a sell out Edinburgh comedy show, sponsored by AQA 63336 and developed by award winning comedians Mark Watson, Alex Horne and Tim Key.

Now, the show has been shortlisted by comedy insiders for an innovation award in the annual Chortle live comedy awards.

Update 7 Feb – Voting has closed now – we await the results at the end of February.

About the show

"We Need Answers" was a quiz with a difference. Developed throughout 2007 at the Canal Cafe Theatre in London, the Edinburgh show saw 16 top UK comedians take part in a knock out competition, where all the questions (and correct answers) were ones that had been texted to AQA 63336.

With comedians taking part including Simon Amstell, Brendon Burns, Daniel Kitson, Josie Long, Lucy Porter, David O'Doherty, Frank Skinner and Paul Sinha, the show was a sell out over its 15 nights at the Pleasance, Edinburgh.

Typical questions thrown at the contestants included – "What's your height in baked bean cans?"; "How far could you blow a tennis ball into the audience?"; "How small would you be if you doubled up?" as well as the more mundane "How many shoes are there in the world?" and "Which is more popular – carol without an e or carole with an e".

Contestants were not only asked to provide answers, but also proof that they were correct. After 15 nights of limbo dancing, counting beans in tins and threading lace through hula hoops Paul Sinha beat Josie long during the grand final on Sunday, 26th August 2007.

As well as being crowned the "smartest" comedian at Edinburgh, Paul Sinha won an electric scooter which he then immediately auctioned off at the close raising £1,000 for a local AIDS charity.

The Daily Telegraph reported that "Uber–genius Mark Watson has created a hit in We Need Answers" and "It was simple uncomplicated good fun, but what struck me was just how well executed the idea was. I predict this will be a massive hit."

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