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Customers seek answers in life, chicken evolution, and blue sky as 63336 answers its 20 millionth question

1 October 2009

63336 (formerly known as AQA 63336), the UK 's most accurate text question and answer service, today publishes the most asked questions texted to 63336 as it answers its 20 millionth question. The 20 millionth, asked at 6pm on 29th September, was "Which hero featured in books by captain w e johns?" 63336 answered "Captain W. E. Johns was the creator of Biggles, who was a world war pilot fighting against the Germans. The original books were published from 1932–1970."

Research has shown that the most popular question, asked by 47,189 customers since April 2004, is "how do you work?" The second most popular question, with 31,350 questions in five years, is "what's the meaning of life?"

"When we started 63336 we expected to answer factual questions, such as providing travel, transport, and help with going out in the evening," said Paul Cockerton, Communications Director. "Whilst we've had millions of these, we've also seen people use 63336 to answer basic philosophical questions, help out with relationships, solve arguments, or just used for entertainment."

Every question texted to 63336 is answered by a home–based researcher, who follows an editorial policy of writing accurate, concise and speedy answers in proper English. Using the 63336 database of over 20 million answers, 75% of questions are answered by researchers within 5 minutes. Earlier this year, the BBC's watchdog rated 63336 as the most accurate text question and answer service in the UK.

"We've always focused on providing a great service. For £1 you can get 1,000 of the smartest brains in the country to answer your questions and help you out," said Paul Cockerton. "For one customer lost in a jungle in Thailand , we sorted out a rescue team. For another customer we correctly predicted four winning horses, netting them £33,000. But if you just want to know how much wood a woodchuck would chuck, 63336 can do that too."

As well as publishing the most popular, 63336 is sharing its funniest and the top myth–busting answers. To use 63336, just text any question to 63336 for £1. Visit www.63336.com for more info.

Most popular 63336 questions and answers

How do you work? (has been asked 47,189 times)

63336 provides answers using intelligent algorithms, databases and human researchers. It's available 24/7 – even when you're abroad. See www.aqa.63336.com.

What's the meaning of life? (31,350)

Life has no meaning, it's just the complex result of a sequence of chemical reactions. Assign your own meaning: find out what you love and do it.

Which came 1st, the chicken or the egg? (24,543)

The egg came first. DNA in the fertilised egg of a chicken–like bird mutated and that egg developed into an embryo that emerged as the first true chicken.

Why is the sky blue? (14,104)

Rayleigh scattering makes the sky blue. The blue part of sunlight has a short wavelength, so it hits air molecules, scatters off them, and you see it more.

Why do men have nipples? (10,045)

Men's nipples develop before the gender of the embryo becomes male, as all embryos start off female. They have no real function except sexual pleasure.

Five myth–busting 63336 Q&A

Do duck quacks have no echo?

A duck's quack does echo. The urban myth that it does not may have arisen because ducks prefer open spaces over closed spaces, where echoes would occur.

How many spiders do you eat whilst sleeping in your lifetime?

Most humans do not eat any spiders in their sleep. It was a myth started by journalist Lisa Holst to show how facts are believed and can be quickly spread by people.

How do spoons in open champagne bottles keep the bubbles?

It is a myth that a silver spoon/fork left in the neck of a champagne bottle preserves its fizz. There is no scientific basis to this French folk tale.

Why do goldfish have such limited memory spans?

Research has shown that fish have a memory span of at least three months, including goldfish. The three–second memory belief is just an urban myth.

Are daddy longlegs poisonous?

Neither crane flies (better known in the UK as daddy longlegs) nor harvestmen (known as daddy longlegs in the US ) contain venom that is dangerous to humans.

Funniest 63336 Q&A

How much does a ghost weigh?

The average ghost weighs just 544g (1.2lb). Coincidentally, this is the exact same weight as the average white cotton bedsheet, minus two eyeholes.

How can you test to see if someone is a god?

You can test to see if someone is a god by saying 'It's a lovely day' to them. If they say 'Yes it is,' they're mortal. If they say 'Thanks,' bow down.

Who is cleverer, a yorkshireman or a pigeon?

A typical Yorkshireman has more brainpower than a pigeon. However, all pigeons have a good sense of direction, and some men never get out of Yorkshire.

Are baboons evil?

Yes, baboons are evil. Anything that steals your windscreen wipers while waving a red bum in your face is most definitely the work of the dark side.

How much does it cost to move a manhole?

Moving a manhole (inc. local authority building regulation approval) costs a minimum of £600, plus £200 for a new cover. Moving a whole man costs a pint.

Why did lady penelope never get laid by any of the thunderbirds?

Lady Penelope clearly thought that there would be too many strings attached. Sleeping with the Thunderbirds can only lead to a complicated, tangled, mess.

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