63336 based quiz show is back on TV

We Need Answers, hosted by Mark Watson, comes back with a 13 part series

1st December 2009

A unique game show, with questions and answers taken from the all-knowing brain of the UK's most accurate text question and answer service 63336, returns to national TV this week with the start of the second season of We Need Answers, on BBC4.

Following on from the success of a three-part series earlier this year, text service 63336 once again supplied the answers to the nation's questions in the show.

We Need Answers is based on a sell-out Edinburgh show which debuted in 2007, was nominated for a Chortle innovation award in 2008, and has been developed by award-winning comedians Mark Watson, Tim Key and Alex Horne, based around questions and answers from 63336.

Each week two celebrities will battle it out to be crowned the winner and save themselves the shame of donning on the clogs of defeat. The rules are simple – contestants must match their answer to the one given by 63336. These can range from how many gerbils stacked on each other it would take to reach the moon, to what night of the week is 'curry night' at the red lion in Stockport.

Paul Cockerton, Communications Director, 63336 said "We're delighted to see another series of We Need Answers appear on BBC4, based on questions the public and audience texted to 63336. Mark, Tim and Alex combine their comedic talents to challenge celebrity guests picking some of the oddest and strangest questions ever posed to us by the British public."

Editors notes

63336, formerly known as AQA 63336, was the world's first premium text based question and answer service when it launched in April 2004. It has now answered over 22 million questions from 2.2 million customers. Based in London, UK, 63336 uses 800 home-based researchers to answer the questions. 63336 recently launched the 63336 app, which provides customers with free questions.

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